Sherwin Williams & Simplex Grinnel

970 10th Ave S
Seattle, WA

Issaquah, WA

Stricker, Cato, Murphy
120 Lakeside Ave 100th
Seattle, WA

Project Description
Two warehouse/office buildings totaling 90,000 square feet utilizing concrete tilt-up walls, with a pre-engineered steel structural system, and standing seam roof. One of the buildings required an “H” occupancy.

Development by SCD
This was a “brown field” clean up and development of a contaminated site. This site had been filled with concrete kiln dust and was a bordered to the North by Hamm Creek a fish-supporting and receiving body flowing in the Duwamish River. The development resulted in both an economically successful project and an environmentally successful project increasing the water quality in Hamm Creek.


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