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Seattle Commercial Development Services

Pre-Purchase Feasibility Studies

Successful development is all about balancing risks and returns. A feasibility study is the starting point to achieve the maximum potential and best possible return for any development. A financial feasibility study evaluates the rate of return for any real estate development. It can give you confidence in your decisions and determine whether the development project will be a financial success or not. With a detailed appraisal of the potential risks and returns, you’ll be able to test every assumption, make intelligent decisions, and maximize every opportunity.

Seattle Commercial Development works with clients through these feasibility studies by providing input on site selection and design, compiling preliminary construction budgets and proforma, conducting land use and building code investigation, generating pre-construction and construction schedules, and coordinating the hiring of third-party members such as traffic consultants and soils engineers.

Project Development and Construction Phases

Our hands-on, full-service approach to developing only the highest quality projects has led Seattle Commercial Development to become one of the premier development and construction partners in the Puget Sound Region. Our capabilities enable us to represent our clients throughout all phases of a project, from estimating and negotiating costs to overseeing the intricate details and day-today operations of a project. We enjoy a stellar reputation for providing a clearly defined management and implementation plan that ultimately meets or exceeds the goals and objectives of our clients.

Seattle Commercial Development works with our clients to arrange financing and loan security, manage the project design team, coordinate with local and government agencies, update project schedules and budgets, and implement value engineering and cost savings to a project.

Completed Project Services

Seattle Commercial Development helps provide end users and tenants with the tools they need to operate over the life cycle of the building. With multiple long-term relationships and connections in the banking industry, we can help our clients secure long-term or short-term financing to meet their needs. Seattle Commercial Development’s in-house property management team handles day-to-day activities with building functionality, and each development has detailed scheduled maintenance programs that are followed in order to maximize the lifespan of the project.